Peace of God gives us Peace with God

April 25, 1993 Hebrews 11
Faith is Substance — Evidence — Good Report — Understanding — Sacrifice

Will cause us to please God and will cause us to be translated.

There are no tomorrows for God.  EVERYTHING IS NOW.  Faith is a NOW Faith.

HOPE:                                                                                  FAITH:

Say’s I’m going to get it                                              Say’s I’ve GOT it!

Hope is when I believe                                               Faith is when I act on it

Hope is in the mind                                                     Faith is in the HEART

Hope is the going to                                                    Faith always leads to …

Hope is vital                                                                 Faith must grow to have

Hope is before Faith                                                    A NOW Faith

When I am in Jesus Christ – nothing can touch ME.


Peace of God gives us peace with God.

Romans 4: 19-20 Strong, not wavering FAITH

Matthew 8:10 Great Faith

Matthew 15:38 Lack of Faith can hinder the Gospel

Matthew 17:20 A little Faith can move mountains

Romans 14:1 Weak in Faith

II Corinthians 8:7 Abounding Faith

II Thessalonians 1:3 Growing Faith

Acts 6:5 Full of Faith

James 2:5 Rich Faith

Mark 2:5 Corporate Faith

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