Our Response

In going through my mom’s writings I came upon a complete surprise … something my father wrote. I never knew he wrote out any of his thoughts.   Dad would have been 91 on August 5th.  He wrote this in May, a couple of months shy of his 52nd birthday.

Scribbled on the back of an offering envelope was written:

“I’ve washed my robe and made it white in the precious blood of our Lord.  I’ve carried my load and made it light with the strength of my precious Lord. The way is clear our Lord is near, repent and be saved today. You’re only to hear our Lord has led the way. So wash your robe and make it white in the Precious blood of the Lord.”
Sunday night, 5/22/71 … by Harry Belle Isle

He’s no longer here on earth so I cannot ask him exactly what he meant. I can only surmise my interpretation.   But, knowing my dad,  I think he was saying that it is all there for us, we just need to respond.   It is our action of acceptance that the Lord needs.  He’s waiting.

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