Be Satisfied

March 31, 1987

Oh God when I start to criticize and other folks faults, I itemize; may I look at what is really me, and try to be what You want me to be. Walk uprightly, as best I can hopefully filling out Your plan; that all along You had for my life, being satisfied to be a mother and a wife. Enjoying the blessings that make up a day; when I long for months that are six weeks long. Help me to sort out the right from the wrong. And do the things that are necessary to be done, that will be profitable in the long run. Laying aside unnecessary chores and things when “too much to do” only confusion brings. Get my Bible read, before I start the day. Getting direction from You, to go my way. What a settling time it’s bound to be, when You order my day and are guiding me. Oh, to be yielded to Your sovereign will.  It’s so hard for me to just sit still. And listen to what You would have to say, cause You know, I think I can go my way. Without any help from Your loving hand, some how I hope You understand. I know You do and I love You so; what more can I pray, as I onward go?

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