Peace of God gives us Peace with God

April 25, 1993 Hebrews 11
Faith is Substance — Evidence — Good Report — Understanding — Sacrifice

Will cause us to please God and will cause us to be translated.

There are no tomorrows for God.  EVERYTHING IS NOW.  Faith is a NOW Faith.

HOPE:                                                                                  FAITH:

Say’s I’m going to get it                                              Say’s I’ve GOT it!

Hope is when I believe                                               Faith is when I act on it

Hope is in the mind                                                     Faith is in the HEART

Hope is the going to                                                    Faith always leads to …

Hope is vital                                                                 Faith must grow to have

Hope is before Faith                                                    A NOW Faith

When I am in Jesus Christ – nothing can touch ME.


Peace of God gives us peace with God.

Romans 4: 19-20 Strong, not wavering FAITH

Matthew 8:10 Great Faith

Matthew 15:38 Lack of Faith can hinder the Gospel

Matthew 17:20 A little Faith can move mountains

Romans 14:1 Weak in Faith

II Corinthians 8:7 Abounding Faith

II Thessalonians 1:3 Growing Faith

Acts 6:5 Full of Faith

James 2:5 Rich Faith

Mark 2:5 Corporate Faith

About Lights In The Storm

Renee’ is a mother and grandmother from the Tampa Bay area. She has worked with children nursery age to college age in the public and private sectors including schools, churches and camps, in several states. She has been a Christian women’s’ speaker and youth counselor. She writes a Christ centered inspirational blog, as well as several social media pages on Christian parenting, devotions cooking and crafts. With more than five decades of life’s journeys endeavoring to walk step by step with her Lord, she shares her experiences and journeys to help you on your path.
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