A Fantastic Coat

I’d like very much, to have a coat with sleeves stretched open wide.
That I could wrap around all the world and draw everyone to Jesus’ side
A coat woven, with special love and care, the finest anyone can find.
A coat with warmth, and real comfort given to every sort of mankind.

I’d like the pockets, filled with goodies galore for everyone to have a taste.
Pockets that always have plenty of food to feed the whole human race.
Now if the collar could be so designed to draw people real close,
And bestow on each within it’s folds a good dose of the Holy Ghost
Bringing brotherly love – as God meant it to be, enjoying each other as we are.
T’would be so good … and be as it should, life would be better by far.
And while I’m wishing, I’ll wish for more, ’cause I’d like everyone to sing.
Soul stirring…breath taking…perfect harmony for Jesus Christ our King.
A melody so sweet, the Angels would listen as God’s creation sang a tune.
That around the world, would ring and ring of Christ’s return … maybe soon.
Then I’d like the coat to keep out the cold that the devil’s got in his heart.
Defeat the foes that are out to get us, keeping us and God apart.
I’d wrap us all up, in this great big coat and wouldn’t let go of a soul.
If I could do this… I really would and I’d have blessings untold. Gwen Belle Isle December 7, 1982

(Gwen wrote the above after hearing the following that was read over the Alliance Radio in Hong Kong)
English Translation: “A New Coat” by Pai-Chu-Yi (772-846 A.D.)
White as snow, the newly woven cloth, stuffed with cotton soft as cloud, is thick and warm.
Now a man may work straight through to sunset and sleep well straight through to dawn.
With such a coat, even the coldest night, loses it’s terrors – and the whole body feels as warm as springtime.
In the middle of one night, I had a thought and so got up to walk around.
It was, that a man should love others, and not just take benefits for himself; how I wish I had a great coat, long enough to cover all people are are cold, making them as warm as I.

About Lights In The Storm

Renee’ is a mother and grandmother from the Tampa Bay area. She has worked with children nursery age to college age in the public and private sectors including schools, churches and camps, in several states. She has been a Christian women’s’ speaker and youth counselor. She writes a Christ centered inspirational blog, as well as several social media pages on Christian parenting, devotions cooking and crafts. With more than five decades of life’s journeys endeavoring to walk step by step with her Lord, she shares her experiences and journeys to help you on your path.
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